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Dakota Stones manufactures the only branded line of gemstone beads in the world. They travel the globe to discover unique and interesting rough rock to cut into their product lines. Their products range from top-quality, affordable stones like jaspers and agates to more rare stone types like rubies and sapphires.

Why is this significant?

Tying their brand to their products is their guarantee for stone quality and consistency. They are a company of artists and adventurers that appreciate quality, rare, and unique products. 

They look for high-quality materials and are always finding new products to add to their stock. They are there at each step in the process -- from selecting top-grade rough material, through the cutting and polishing stages, to quality control -- before they present their stones to vendors like Praha® Beads and Jewelry. Much consideration goes into choosing the shapes and finishes that are cut from rough materials, usually to highlight the best natural aspects of the rough stone from which the beads are cut.

Dakota Standards

They work directly with stone cutters to ensure that their beads meet strict standards. That means good color and pattern, perfectly round rounds, consistent size in each bead, and laser-drilled holes. It also means that they know that all their beads are produced by fairly paid workers in safe conditions.

At the end of the day, they manufacture products that meet the quality standards of their in-house design and production teams, and the highest ethical standards in the industry. They take pride in making sure Dakota Stones branded products come from a source whose factory they have visited so they can understand their processes and inspect conditions.

This is brought into focus when considering that the demand for factory workers and cutters in this industry has never been higher. Increased demand has led to some of the highest increases in wages for any industrial work. They take pride in knowing that the artisans who manufacture their products are paid well and are experiencing the growth of this industry first hand.